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Must-Have FireFox Plugins

Anyone that browses the web on Windows should have years ago kicked Internet Explorer to the curb in place of other options. The web browser that I recommend is called FireFox and is a fantastic improvement over IE. One of … Continue reading

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TurnKey Linux Software Appliances

When testing out new software packages or development environments, part of the hassle tends to be downloading the package, finding a spare machine, installing it on that machine, and then getting it configured and ready to go. A great site … Continue reading

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EasyVMX Empowers the VMWare Player

At work we use the VMWare product suite extensively. We have the luxury of having licenses to almost all of their products. At home though I do not have personal licenses to many of these products but still want to … Continue reading

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PushPin Keeps Windows Always On Top

I have started using Hulu Desktop at home and ran into the annoying problem that I wanted to keep the Hulu Desktop window always on top of all other windows. I looked for something built-in to Windows Vista but did … Continue reading

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Upgrade to WordPress 2.8.4 ASAP

Since apparently there is a wicked vulnerability in earlier versions of WordPress, I have upgraded this poor neglected blog (which probably is good, since its small amount of traffic kept it off the radar for hacking) before some hacker decided … Continue reading

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