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Windows 10 Microsoft Money Has Stopped Working

If you are one of the few still using MS Money for personal finance tracking, the last bunch of years have been trying. Microsoft ceased development on the product releasing the Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe Edition that stops trying … Continue reading

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2005 Mini Cooper Convertible Stock Radio and Stock Rear Speaker Upgrade

The wife recently acquired a used 2005 Mini Cooper Convertible and she really wanted satellite radio in it like her primary car. After reading up on what others had done, I ended up removing the stock stereo and going with … Continue reading

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Bone Marrow Donor Registration

I have been meaning for a long time to sign up for the bone marrow donor registry. A friend of mine was in the registry since college and was selected a couple years ago as a match for a patient … Continue reading

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Yugoslavs in Louisiana

Below is an excerpt from a book detailing an experience of the Yugoslavian people in Louisiana back in 1893 during the Chenière Caminada hurricane (also called the Great October Storm). It mentions one of my wife Casey’s relatives, Matthew Kuluz, … Continue reading

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The 4-Hour Body Book Links

About a year ago I read the The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss and even with the hokie title thought it was a very interesting book with lots of great information. I became a reader of Ferriss’s blog and was … Continue reading

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