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Unofficial Don and Mike Show RSS Feed

I have written a script to generate an RSS feed of the Daily Recaps and Audio Recaps for the Don and Mike Radio Show. The feed can be found here: I have been toying with the idea of creating … Continue reading

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Apparently Laws don’t apply to the Executive branch

I know this will come as a grand shock considering the whole domestic spying incident of late (sarcasm implied), but the Executive branch doesn’t have to obey laws. They are clearly optional. While the domestic spying angers me greatly, this … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Welfare Queen

This won’t be a popular topic especially with the recent damage from Hurricane Katrina, but this article from March 2004 by John Stossel is well worth the read for any tax-paying American. Thought provoking stuff (and still relevant two years … Continue reading

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Pandora Music Service

Most of the developers I know work much better with soothing tunes playing in the background or through some good headphones. Now this may be because programmers are artists and artists appreciate good music, but it may also be because … Continue reading

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