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One Year of Blogging

I just noticed that my one year anniversary for blogging has just passed. So 63 posts later I’m still here. I have finally set up my own domain and site (hosted by TextDrive that was just aquired by Joyent), I … Continue reading

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Hot 7 Layer Dip

Awhile back I found a great recipe for a hot 7 layer dip that I’ll post here for posterity. It disappears very quickly at work (which doesn’t actually indicate it is good, since those guys will eat anything), but everyone … Continue reading

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Hotels Switching to Biometric Room Keys

In another assault on personal privacy, I just read about a plan to move towards using biometric identifiers for hotel room access over standard room keys. Read Hotel Card Keys Edge Toward Extinction. I had never thought much about biometric … Continue reading

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Kathy Sierra Speaks the Truth (As Usual)

Over at the Creating Passionate Users blog, Kathy Sierra (one of the masterminds behind the wonderful Head First series of books) has a fantastic post that every working Joe should read. It is When clients (and bosses) go bad…. It … Continue reading

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New Home for The Porter Method

Well I finally bit the bullet and decided to get some hosting space and break free from the chains of Blogger. The new home for this blog will now be located here: The Porter Method Blog. Please update your links … Continue reading

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