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GreaseMonkey is Cool

OK, so I mentioned earlier that Google was rewriting my search result URL’s to be redirected through itself (and tracking my clicking habits in the process). Here is what the URL looks like when I searched for GreaseMonkey and tried … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. I hope you all get a chance to stop and remember all of our past and present members of the armed forces on this day. I took advantage of the long weekend to head up to … Continue reading

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Starting a Mobile, AL .NET Users Group

So through correspondence with a friend I was connected with a local group that wanted to start a .NET user group in the Mobile area….again. Now there was a group a couple of years ago that got together when .NET … Continue reading

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Alternative to all_objects in Oracle 9i and Up to generate rows

As Oracle guru Tom Kyte says of his daily Oracle experiences, I have learned something new about Oracle today. This trick works in Oracle databases 9i and up (like a fine wine this one will actually get better as you … Continue reading

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Papers, I must see your Papers…

It appears that the battle has all but been lost regarding a National ID card in the United States. Through a tacked on bit of legislation to a military appropriations bill that is considered “must have” the Federal government is … Continue reading

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