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Unofficial Ron Paul RSS Feed

So in the same way as my previous two unofficial RSS feeds, I have created a new one. This one takes the writings of House Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) from his website and puts them together into an RSS … Continue reading

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Kinky Friedman Built My Hotrod

The great Kinky Friedman is apparently trying to run for Governor of Texas. He’s actually quite an accomplished person. Musician, Writer, and now Politics. Thanks to Big Joe Duke for enlightening us to the man and his legacy (along with … Continue reading

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Senator Tom Coburn is my hero on spending

Senator Tom Coburn M.D (Republican from Oklahoma) is probably losing friends in D.C. left and right. He appears to be taking on the ridiculous spending on pork barrel projects in the Senate. He came to my attention because he has … Continue reading

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Pork, it’s not just for Vulcan any more

Interesting article on Technology Related Pork Barrel Projects. I’ve always joked with friends that if we ever wanted to start our own company, all we would need is a nice government contract. Pork of any kind sickens me. Write your … Continue reading

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Get Elected to Congress, Get a Free Car

Another in the ongoing abuses of our American royalty (the members of which are of course our beloved Congressmen). Get elected to congress, get to lease yourself a fancy automobile at the taxpayers’ expense. Luxury leasing Congress’ top perk I’m … Continue reading

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