Get Elected to Congress, Get a Free Car

Another in the ongoing abuses of our American royalty (the members of which are of course our beloved Congressmen). Get elected to congress, get to lease yourself a fancy automobile at the taxpayers’ expense.

Luxury leasing Congress’ top perk

I’m sure this will be quite comforting to all of the college students that will be paying more for their student loans (one of the few federal programs I actually endorse and would not cut if I were elected King). Government excess at its finest. I vote that we institute the official car of the United States Congress….the Kia Rio.

A bargain at around $10,000. Not as sexy as the BMW 530i that Rep. Maurice Hinchey of New York rolls in, but much more economical.

Hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll have the posts up from my trip with Casey to Washington D.C. Also my Unofficial Don and Mike RSS feed is currently broken thanks to them changing hosts. That’s the beauty of screen scraping, very fragile. Hopefully I’ll get it updated in a couple of days.

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