Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. I hope you all get a chance to stop and remember all of our past and present members of the armed forces on this day.

I took advantage of the long weekend to head up to Birmingham, AL and also over to Atlanta, GA to visit some friends.

A great time was had by all, but I did end up feeling like I spent the whole weekend driving. I finally was able to try something out to make the trip a bit more enjoyable. Some of you may have seen or heard of For those that haven’t, it is a site that holds mp3’s of various technical talks and interviews. I downloaded and burned some to CD for the trip (since I don’t currently have an iPod or car radio that plays mp3’s). I have to say this helped make the drive much more pleasant. Plus I got to learn a little bit instead of just listen to radio stations come and go as I put miles on the road.

I listened to a talk by Thomas P.M. Barnett (a prolific blogger himself) which was a shortened version of one I had seen on TV. I listened to a 2 CD set of Steve Wozniac of Apple fame. I also listened to Wil Wheaton, Bruce Schneier, the great Paul Graham, and Jonathan Schwartz.

It actually makes me want to take a couple of more road trips to get to have time to listen to more interviews and talks like this.

Something I just noticed as I was creating this entry was that as I did Google searches and right clicked to copy a link, the link is no longer the pure link text. It now contains a link to Google that then redirects to the link returned in the search. Is the something new or did I just notice it finally? Don’t really want to redirect everything through Google, so looks like I’ll have to write a quick GreaseMonkey script to pull those out.

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