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When testing out new software packages or development environments, part of the hassle tends to be downloading the package, finding a spare machine, installing it on that machine, and then getting it configured and ready to go. A great site called TurnKey Linux has come up with a solution that perfectly solves these problems.

They provide based software appliances that are pre-configured and installed with various software packages. The appliances are created with a small footprint and are packages as Live CD’s (bootable ISO’s) that can be run via CD-Rom or loaded into any of the virtual machine environments.

They have appliances for many of the most popular open-source software packages including:

Google App Engine
Ruby on Rails
and many more

At work we wanted to set up a Wiki to track our development documentation. Using the MediaWiki appliance we had a complete running VM of MediaWiki within 6 minutes of downloading it. If you are interested in experimenting with any of these software packages, you must check TurnKey Linux out.

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  1. Marc Warne says:

    Absolutely. In fact, we’ve got it down to a 2 minute install time, all using a web based interface. The concept really is designed for those that want this installed on a VPS setup with us (GigaTux). We’ve enabled the appliances to work with the DTC open source control panel, which means that literally within one click, the OS can be reinstalled to any of the appliances provided by the Turnkey Linux project.

    It’s pretty neat and you can see more information at http://www.gigatux.com/tech/turnkeylinux.php

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