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FlightCaster Flight Delay Prediction

A bit ago I was cruising the Hacker News site and there was a posting about one of the YCombinator alumni companies called FlightCaster. The company and the technology behind it really sparked my interest so I decided to read … Continue reading

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Tech Reading Resources

Anyone that is involved in the technical field of computing knows that it is difficult to keep up with all of the new advancements and technologies that appear. To really stay on the cutting edge requires persistence, dedication, and lots … Continue reading

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Must-Have FireFox Plugins

Anyone that browses the web on Windows should have years ago kicked Internet Explorer to the curb in place of other options. The web browser that I recommend is called FireFox and is a fantastic improvement over IE. One of … Continue reading

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TurnKey Linux Software Appliances

When testing out new software packages or development environments, part of the hassle tends to be downloading the package, finding a spare machine, installing it on that machine, and then getting it configured and ready to go. A great site … Continue reading

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EasyVMX Empowers the VMWare Player

At work we use the VMWare product suite extensively. We have the luxury of having licenses to almost all of their products. At home though I do not have personal licenses to many of these products but still want to … Continue reading

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