PushPin Keeps Windows Always On Top

I have started using Hulu Desktop at home and ran into the annoying problem that I wanted to keep the Hulu Desktop window always on top of all other windows. I looked for something built-in to Windows Vista but did not find anything.

After looking for various third party applications which all seemed a bit too heavy and intrusive, I finally ran across this post talking about an application named PushPin. It is a small 22kb freeware application that when launched runs in your system tray and adds an “Always On Top” option when right-clicking the title bar of any window. Once you are done with the application, you just remove it from the system tray by right clicking on it. It is light, unobtrusive, and fits the bill perfectly.

Unfortunately the author Chris Rosa’s site is no longer up but you can download the app from here: PushPin Download

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