Is A Full Book Really Necessary?

So I received a sales e-mail tonight from the musical instrument website Musician’s Friend (great store by the way, highly recommend them) and one of the 6 just for Tuesday only sales items they are highlighting is this:

How To Master Spinning Drumsticks

So I just have to wonder, is a full book (and DVD) really needed to learn how to spin drumsticks. Maybe there are secret techniques I’m unaware of. Could it be that the art of spinning drumsticks is like Chinese Kung Fu and can only be passed down from a Master to a Student under strict supervision? If so is this author of this book risking his life by divulging the ancient secrets of this black art? If we hear of a drummer being killed by drumstick impalation (is that even a word?), then we will know the answer.

Oh, and notice the top of the book.. Once you master these techniques, you will be a certified master of…….Spinology. Now that is rock and roll!! Spin On!

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  1. Jarred A says:

    Sorry Doug, there is no ancient art of drum stick spinning passed down from master to student (that I will openly admit). I learned how to spin drum sticks the same way I believe most drummers do. They teach themselves while sitting bored in band practice waiting for their turn to play.

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