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Halloween Party 2008 Set List

A good friend has an annual Halloween costume party and last year I put together a special Halloween set list to play during the festivities. For posterity I thought I would list it here (also this will help me keep … Continue reading

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Is A Full Book Really Necessary?

So I received a sales e-mail tonight from the musical instrument website Musician’s Friend (great store by the way, highly recommend them) and one of the 6 just for Tuesday only sales items they are highlighting is this: How To … Continue reading

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Poor, Poor Butch…

Any of you that read this space or know me are familiar with one of my favorite musicians, Butch Walker. Unfortunately tragedy has struck him out in California. I just saw this from Butch Walker’s MySpace Blog and this news … Continue reading

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Sons of William

Recently Casey and I (along with Brian, Vicki, Kasey, and Kenny) headed over to New Orleans to see Better Than Ezra play at the House of Blues. I’ll write up the concert another time, but what I wanted to write … Continue reading

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