WordPress 2.0 Upgrade Complete

This blog is officially upgraded and running on WordPress 2.0. Pretty painless upgrade. Backup, copy new stuff over, run upgrade.php file, replace some custom content in my template files (my contact info, statcounter info, etc.), done.

Not sure yet what I think of the new bells and whistles, but the upgrade is done regardless. Need to find another Captcha style plugin for comments (probably try and find one that gives a simple math problem to answer), but other than that I am finished.

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3 Responses to WordPress 2.0 Upgrade Complete

  1. dus7 says:

    I’m wondering what the advantages (if any) of TypePad and WordPress might be. From what I’ve seen, Comments is likely to have no Preview nor indication of what HTML might be enabled. The templates are sometimes a bit plain, too, no offense – some ‘others’…

  2. Doug Porter says:

    One of the main things I liked over blogspot was having an RSS feed that includes comments. Another nice thing was Trackbacks which Blogger still doesn’t support (it really doesn’t seem like Blogger has done much to their service in the last year). Yes, unfortunately I’m still using the default template just because I haven’t come up with a layout that I like. At some point though I will change it. One plus for Blogger is their editor for Posts is really nice with great preview capabilities, but I can always write my own for WordPress or benefit from other plugins that people write.

  3. dus7 says:

    Ah, TY Doug, for the reply. I don’t know enough (anything) about feeds and trackback and such. But looking up ‘trackback’, I agree that would be nice. I am notified when my blog receives comments, but replies to my comments on other blogs is for me to find out later by checking the site. But maybe this is not what a trackback is. When referring to someone else’s blog, I put a link anyway, but granted, they don’t know I did so. Oh, and for good measure I looked up Captcha, too – Blogger has various options for Comments so no prob there.

    Re the Blogger editor (Compose, HTML, Preview), I have to fight with it to format fonts and for image placement. Then the layout will appear differently in HTML, in Compose, in Preview, and in the published post. sigh But it’s a lot of fun, too. I just learned how to put a heart in the text, lol.

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