What is your most dangerous idea?

Edge.org has posed an interesting question to some of the great minds (somehow I got left out) of the world and posted the results online.

What is your most dangerous idea?

The history of science is replete with discoveries that were considered socially, morally, or emotionally dangerous in their time; the Copernican and Darwinian revolutions are the most obvious. What is your dangerous idea? An idea you think about (not necessarily one you originated) that is dangerous not because it is assumed to be false, but because it might be true?

Well worth reading through. Scroll down to where it says Contributors and that begins the responses. Ray Kurzweil has an intersting one dealing with longevity and nanotech. Most of the physicists seem to be devout atheists and write about how there is no God and all that is out there are atoms and quantum particles. But still some very thought provoking stuff.

And just so you don’t think that all physicists are atheists, here is an article by Paul Davies discussing where God fits into the picture.

Physics and the Mind of God: The Templeton Prize Address

And while we are talking about things that make you go hmmmm. Here is a free fiction e-book written by Scott Adams (yes, the Dilbert guy) that poses some interesting ideas

God’s Debris

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