The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Butch Walker

One of the feeds I read regularly (Creating Passionate Users) talks about how to get users excited about your product, company, etc.. Excited users tend to share their experiences and stick with you for the long haul.

Those that know me know that I am this way towards the music of the great Butch Walker. He is a perfect example of an entertainer that has created and nurtured a very passionate fanbase.

Here is a great example that let me see it first hand:

He was recently opening for Avril Lavigne (with whom he cowrote and produced some tracks on her latest album) at a show in Atlanta and posted on his website that he would be performing after the show at a local club under an assumed name (because of contractual reasons I believe).

So with zero marketing aside from the post on his site he was able to pack around 500 people into a tiny club and put on a great rock show. Now that really qualifies as a passionate user base. I even drove 4 hours from here in Mobile, AL to attend. What makes him different aside from great music?

It could be because of some of these characteristics:

– He communicates to his fans through his site which creates a dialog

-He puts on great shows that include interaction with the crowd (he’ll even come out into the crowd and perform a song sans mike if he’s feeling the vibe)

-He keeps you guessing (I pre-ordered his latest CD through Sony Music after hearing about it through his site, and when it arrived they had thrown in a live album he recorded for those that pre-ordered, good surprises rock)

-He sticks around after shows for autographs and pictures so he is very approachable.

**The GF Casey added this one**He just looks so dreamy when he’s up there rocking out (And I thought she was just going to the shows with me because she liked spending time with me)

And thus he has created this ever-expanding fanbase that follows him around and supports his musical endeavors. Now those are passionate users.

***Free Stuff Alert***
If you saw yesterday’s post, you know that he just released a new album of cover songs through iTunes. I really, really want you to check out his music and see him live if you get the chance.

To help with that process, I’m willing to gift one of the singles off the new album to any that ask for it. I will gift out 10 total so don’t procrastinate. The single is a medley of Queen tunes from a live performance he did in Atlanta.

This medley really gives you a great idea of what his live performances are like. Disclaimer: There is some explicit wording in the song so if you are under 18, please don’t respond (but it is a rock show, so what do you expect)

To qualify for the free single, e-mail me (if you go to the webpage containing this blog, my e-mail is in the upper right corner) and let me know your Name, E-mail Address, and what City and State you are in and I’ll send it out.

**** Unfortunately this offer is only good to those in the US (iTunes gift rules, not mine).

I will keep the number of remaining singles updated at the bottom of this post.

No more singles remaining

1 – Kayla in Anaheim, CA
2 – Nicholas in New York City, NY
3 – Aaron in Katonah, NY
4 – Alex in Blackwood, NJ
5 – Chris in New York City, NY
6 – Winston in Dallas, TX
7 – Taylor in Tempe, AZ
8 – Steven in Austin, TX
9 – Jennifer in Seattle, WA
10 – Lisa in Gloster, MS

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