Hurricane Aftermath

Things are getting back to normal here in Mobile. My house has power and internet so I feel whole again. Gas is hard to get (not because there is a shortage, but because everyone is trying to fill up everything that will hold gas since they are in panic mode). I have 100 miles left on my car before I need gas so it should get me through the long weekend and then gas should be easier to get next week.

Casey and I went down to Biloxi, MS to visit her parents and take them MRE’s and cases of water. The destruction down there is unbelievable. Casey’s parent’s house and her grandmother’s house were completely destroyed (meaning nothing but a concrete slab left) but everyone made it through the storm safely (which is the most important thing, the rest is just stuff).

Here is a link to pictures we took while down there showing her former house, the destruction on the beach, the casinos no longer in the water, and the house her parents rode out the storm in. Hard to imagine a storm having that much power. Sad situation for all those involved. Be nice to your neighbor and tell your parents you love them. You never know what tomorrow may bring.

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