Hurricane Katrina Cometh

But lucky for us and unlucky for New Orleans, it looks like we will be spared some of the brunt of the hurricane. Once it hits shore it is forecasted to turn to the North East and head our way, so tomorrow morning we are forecasted to have 60-100mph winds. So we’ll see how it goes. Shouldn’t be any issues at work. We have natural gas generators and lots of built in redundancy, so hopefully won’t be required to head down there in the storm and take care of anything.

Saw today that one of the local stations has weather blogs. WPMI NBC 15 has blogs for two of their forecasters, David Glenn and Scott Walker. Nice to see some of the local stations embracing blogging. Scoble would be proud.

Keep your thoughts and prayers with the people of New Orleans, unfortunately I have a feeling the Super Dome will be the only thing left intact there.

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