JavaOne Day 1 – Pre-Keynote

OK, so less than 30 minutes into the morning of JavaOne and I am sorely not impressed with the organizational planning. Keynote begins at 8:30am, around 5,000 people will be attending, there is a drizzling rain outside, so what did the planners decide….have everyone line up outside until they open the doors at 8:30. Bad idea.

Breakfast is served inside the exhibitor pavilion, but there is also a line for 5,000 people waiting, and they ran out of pastries and bagels. So if I were ready to wait till 9:00am I would get some coffee, but I’ve got to go stand in the rain so I don’t miss the keynote.

So far Sybase’s TechWave 2004 is beating the pants off of JavaOne 2005 in terms of organization and good planning. Hopefully the content will make up for these little annoyances.

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