JavaOne 2005 – Day 1 – Keynote

The Keynote went quite well this morning. They had a pretty interesting band called Magnetic Poetry playing prior to the event. John Gage of Sun was the MC for the session. Jonathan Schwartz spoke and thanked the community for a great 10 years. His focus was on openness and community as the real driver of technology and adoption. He also spoke about the concept of technology as a social utility which was a very interesting idea. He mentioned Brazil’s health system as a great example (said it put our CDC to shame).

There was a presentation by Yasushi Nishimura, Director of Panasonic R&D about the new BlueRay DVD technology. One cool thing they mentioned was that the BlueRay standard had chosen to use Java for the menu system and API on the disc. So every BlueRay DVD player will include a JVM and also…drum roll please….a network port. Let the hackers get ready for what they can come up with with those tools available.

Sun has made nice with IBM and they renewed their partnership for 11 more years (10% better than the previous 10 year agreement so they said). Also IBM will be providing support across their entire software suite for Solaris 10 (which is open source now).

Java = Participation and FOSS. Schwartz made a nice compelling case for the free open source software movement. Free is the perfect price, there is no downside from FOSS, community is where it is at, etc, etc.

They announced Java Business Integration (JBI) as defined in JSR-208. Looks like everyone is doing SOA these days…and this also moves into my Business Integration Engine type system. So I’m very interested in checking this out.

Open Sourcing of Sun’s Application Server (Project Glassfish) with a CDDL license.

Whole set of new features for the Java Studio Creator product line, including integration with their application server and the JBI spec, BPEL, BPMN, Mapping, Routes, etc, etc….

The T-shirt hurler of the day was based on an Angle Grinder, but really didn’t do much flinging. The shirts just sort of fell out of the launcher.

Graham Hamilton announced that they are finally dropping the stupid 2 from the product names J2SE, J2EE, J2ME goes to JSE, JEE, JME. About time. Also they will go to whole numbers with no decimals. So after JSE 5.0 it will move to JSE 6, JSE 7, and so on.

Java development themes for the future – Become more open. Weekly snapshots available of the Java 6 development. Contributions can even be made to the code line from the community. Couple of new licenses to facilitate this access – Java Distribution License (JDL), Java Research License (JRL), Java Internal Use License (JIUL)

Bill Shannon announced details of the Java EE Roadmap for the future. Simplification is the main thing for Java EE going forward. A shift to allow POJO development with Java EE, extensive used of annotations to reduce the need for deployment descriptors.

The release schedule is Java EE 5 final draft spec Q3 2005, SDK Beta Release Q4 2005 and Final Release Q1 2006.

Will post about the sessions from day 1 a bit later. Currently I’m in the keynote listening to how Mobile is going to conquer the world 🙂

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