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Another of my favorite radio shows is the Clark Howard Show out of WSB in Atlanta, GA. Clark Howard provides daily consumer advice about a range of topics mostly dealing with personal finance. His motto is “To Help You Save More, Spend Less, And Avoid Getting Ripped Off”. Now that is a show I can get behind.

Clark posts a daily recap on his site with the high points of some of the topics covered and also some of the helpful websites mentioned. I love reading the recaps, but these days if it doesn’t come through an RSS feed. I do not read it. Thus I have hacked together a Ruby script to create such a feed. The feed is located here:

If you would like to check out the Ruby script itself, it is located here: clarkhowardfeed.rb

If anyone that works with Clark Howard is interested in hosting this feed themselves, I would be more than happy to FTP it to the official Clark Howard site nightly when it is generated. Would save me bandwidth and hopefully enlighten more people to the wonders of RSS.

Don and Mike Show RSS Feed Update: I have fixed the Don and Mike Show RSS Feed, so it should function again. The only change is that due to the new site using the Wimpy audio player to host the MP3’s of the audio recaps, the feed no longer contains these recaps. This is because the audio files no longer follow a standard naming convention based on the date. Now they include the date and arbitrary text describing the content. Unfortunately all of this information is locked up inside the Wimply Flash Player on the site, so I cannot scrape it to include it. If this changes in the future I will let you know.

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