Netflix Streaming is Amazing

I had heard of Netflix over the years but it always seemed too expensive and not really for me given the amount of movies I tend to watch these days. That given I have always been impressed with the business model and the execution of Netflix as a company. I was even more impressed when I read about the Netflix challenge where they were giving a million dollars to anyone that could improve their suggestion algorithm. After a long competition a winner was chosen and the prize money was distributed.

Recently I became aware that you could stream Netflix directly to the Xbox (a fantastic gift from Casey last Christmas). This caused me to take a look at the packages available again, and I was very pleased with what I saw. They have a $9/month plan that offers 1 DVD out at a time via the mail as well as access to the entire streaming catalog. I went through checking out the streaming catalog via their website and saw there was a large collection of media that appealed to me. They have new movies available, full seasons of TV shows available, and of course an incredible collection of classic movies. Plus with their selection algorithm they supposedly can estimate what movies you will enjoy based on how you have ranked previously viewed movies. This is a great way to find undiscovered gems that you might not every watch.

To add to the appeal, they offer a 2 week free trial so there is no pressure before you decide if the service is for you. They also allow you to suspend your monthly account at any time if you find the need (the ultimate in low commitment). Given that there was no commitment or pressure, I finally decided to sign up for a free trial.

Much to my internet provider’s dismay, I have been watching and enjoying an incredible amount of streaming content in addition to the discs I have ordered through the mail. With just a minimal amount of watching media it is more than worth the $9/month. I wish I had been told about this service earlier. Oh, and if DVD’s and streaming via the Xbox are not enough, you can also watch streaming content via any PC or from Windows Media Center. It is really a fantastic service.

If you have not tried it I recommend going to their site and looking at the media available. If you see things that interest you, sign up for the 2 week trial and give it a go. I don’t think you will be disappointed. I’m really enjoying the movies and TV shows I have been watching. If you call and I don’t answer, I’m probably in the middle of watching a movie. Got to make sure I get my $9’s worth and then some.

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