Oh to work for Joel

Joel Spolsky had a great series of articles last week on how to attract (and keep) great developers. Worth a read if you are in the field.

Unfortunately for those of us that don’t work at companies whose primary goal is to sell software most of these concepts and ideas will never be given a second thought since they don’t follow the old school MBA curriculum that most managers and CEO’s came up under.

Here are the articles:

Finding Great Developers

A Field Guide to Developers

Sorting Resumes

And then might as well throw in an oldie but a goodie that I have linked to before: Hitting the High Notes

The things that stand out to me that I would love.

Casual Dress – I swear these Khakis are decreasing my IQ by the day

Natural Lighting (aka Windows) – Is it daytime, nightime, who knows, I can’t see any windows

Private Offices with Doors That Close – Cubes are great for informal communication and social interaction to build teams, but really bad for hard core heads down concentration. I think I will end up going deaf from having to crank my headphones up so loud to drown out the outside noise.

Dual Monitors – Would it make me more productive? Don’t know, never tried, but studies say yes.

Course this programming stuff is really just to hold me over till I sign my record deal 🙂

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2 Responses to Oh to work for Joel

  1. Espen says:

    I keep telling you, Norway is the place to be (I’m four out of four on your list)…

  2. Doug Porter says:

    I’m jealous. At least we have the cheap beer to help us Yanks get through the day.

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