Sister Hazel June 2006

So one week after seeing an amazing 2.5 hour rock extravaganza with Blues Traveler, we ventured back out to see Sister Hazel at Soul Kitchen on Thursday, June 22, 2006. The concert experience with them can be summed up in a couple of words:

Boo, Hiss, Snarl, Yell.

While Blues Traveler came to put on a show, Sister Hazel came only to play their instruments. But before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you how the evening began. We did not get tickets in advance thinking that if Blues Traveler wasn’t fully sold out, surely Sister Hazel would not have a sellout…….wrong.

So we got to wait outside while they decided how many tickets that were distributed to outside sources weren’t going to show up. Twenty minutes later, we were able to purchase four tickets (Me, Brian, Kacey, and Vicki). I asked for four tickets, gave the good man a wad of cash, and proceeded to receive change. What I didn’t realize until after I walked in the door was that super-math-man-door-guy shorted us $10. Thus we all got to pay a $2.50 additional premium thanks to the pathetic schools in this city. Note to self, regardless of big angry line of people in hurry behind you, count your change right there before moving on.

So we get inside, Sister Hazel begins to play, and play well they do. Sounded just like the albums. This is a great thing. I love a band that can perform well live. The only problem is that that was all they were doing. The did not interact with the crowd, no witty banter between songs, they just played one song after the other until out of nowhere I heard their big radio hit “All for You”. This signalled to me that the show had officially finished. Seemed like they had just began playing a short while before. A glance at my watch showed that they had performed for a big whopping 1 hour start to finish.

Short work to earn my $17 $19.50. So needless to say I was not impressed. $20 for 2.5 hours from Blues Traveler, $19.50 (adjusted for math man) for 1 hour from Sister Hazel.

Here are some pics I snapped of the band in case you are curious.

Sister_Hazel 044

Sister_Hazel 040

Sister_Hazel 050

Sister_Hazel 049

So after getting bored with the lack of interaction from the band. I was left to ponder a strange phenomena that I have seen crop up over the past few years…

Why would you wear sandles or flip-flops to a bar? There is broken glass from bottles on the floor, the bathrooms are always absolutely disgusting, people can step on your precious little piggies….. Forsaking common sense in the sake of fashion and cool, I give you the future of our country:

Sister_Hazel 047

Sister_Hazel 046

Sister_Hazel 045

Sister_Hazel 036

So now I am officially caught up on blogging and will be ready to write about the concert we are about to go see tonight……..GWAR. Stay tuned.

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  1. espenator says:

    Great reviews Doug, and may I say that’s a keen observation you’ve made regarding sandals/flip-flops. Why anyone would wear them to a concert – a place where you’re guaranteed to have someone step on your toes – is beyond me.

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