Goodbye Scott, Hello Jonathan

After being merely a rumor for the past couple of weeks, today it was announced that Scott McNealy would be stepping down as CEO of Sun Microsystems (while remaining Chairman) and Jonathan Schwartz (blogger in his own right) would be taking his place. I’m not sure what this means for the future of Sun as they go forward. While they have not been posting great financial numbers over the past couple of years, it seemed they had been making some great strides that would lead them to profitability (, DTrace, New Server Innovations, and not to mention some of their aquisitions of profitable companies.

We’ll see what the future holds. Good luck to Scott and welcome up the ladder Jonathan. Hopefully this will bring good things for the future of Java and FOSS (which Jonathan is a huge proponent for).

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2 Responses to Goodbye Scott, Hello Jonathan

  1. Brian Ellis says:

    Maybe they will actually stay in business now. The only thing they’ve been good for up till now was acquisition by Google…

  2. Doug Porter says:

    Lots or rumors about that happening too. We’ll see what happens, but Sun’s nice low power servers would work great in Google’s massive datacenters.

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