Washington D.C. Trip 2006 – Day 4

Last full day in DC. Time to shop. We went out to Georgetown to hit the Shops at Georgetown.

Lots of neat places in that area. We shopped till we could shop no more. Let me re-phrase that. I could shop no more. Casey could shop until the Sun burns out. But we had to get back to get changed for our “Fancy Dinner Night”.

Casey being the doll that she is had given me a Valentine’s gift that was a gift card for a fancy restaurant in Georgetown called Filomena’s. The food there was absolutely incredible. We had an amazing time with appetizers, wine, main course, desert, and came out perfect with only 4 cents left on our gift card after tip. Couldn’t have done it better if we had planned it. I would highly, highly recommend this restaurant if you are in the area. You could easily split the main course dishes. They are absolutely huge. All in all a great way to spend our last night in town.

The next day involved some killing time before catching our nice, uneventful (again, always good when it comes to air travel) plane ride back to Mobile.

Likes of Washington D.C.
Public Transportation
Seasons (you know like Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall)
Lots of Cultural Activities
Beautiful buildings abound.
Everyone is really well dressed all the time

Dislikes of Washington D.C.
Too many politicians
Too many lawyers
Too many people on the federal take
Too much government excess on display in every way.
People seem a bit fake. Looking just to advance their careers and ambitions.

Trip Summary
Fun place. Probably wouldn’t go back except to hang out the whole time in the Smithsonian. Very educational kind of trip, got to see all of the sights I have wanted to see for many years. Scarves are pretty handy when the temperature is below 30, gloves too.

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