Washington D.C. Trip 2006 – Day 2

Day two was dedicated to museums. We went to most of the Smithsonians. Shocking you may say. How could one do the Smithsoninans in a day when others could take a week. Simple really….Casey’s a looker, Doug’s a reader. Guess who won. We did lots of looking (not much reading). You can go pretty quick if you are just looking at everything. If I ever go back to Washington, it would be to spend the entire time in the Smithsonians and read everything. Great place. Oh and the price is absoultely right. FREE!!

Always nice to get to use something you pay for with you tax dollars without incurring extra costs (cough, Vulcan, cough, Federal Renovation Money, cough 1.5 million, cough $9 tour prices).

After the Smithsonian tour, we went to the Holocaust Museum. This was one of the most moving things I have ever seen. I have read a good bit about World War II and the Holocaust, but to see some of these artifacts from the time first hand really hits home. The sheer numbers involved are mind blowing. For this many people to senselessly lose their lives is beyond criminal and immoral, it is plain evil.

Reading about how Adolf Hitler came to power is a bit scary as well. In its roots are things we as Americans must be mindful of with the direction government has been going of late. Hitler played off fears of certain groups to claim more power and limit rights, privacy, and personal freedoms indefinitely (AKA never ending War on Terror, not that we would ever go to that extreme). But it shows how good people can allow these things to happen. I hope I never see anything like this come to pass in my lifetime. Seeing the things that are at this memorial really make you question whether people are inherently good or just plain evil through and through. 6 million Jews prayed for a miracle that never came while they were living. Makes you wonder if praying for a sick loved one has any chance of making a difference.

Can’t recall what we did that evening. I think we just went to a restaurant near the hotel and took it easy since we had to be up early the next day. (Warning political rant coming in next post)

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