Free 411 Service

If you have every used the normal phone company or cell phone company 411 service for directory assistance, you were probably surprised when you received your bill to find out how much they charge for this simple convienence.

There is a new service available at 1-800-FREE-411 (1-800-373-3411) that gives you this service at no charge. All that is required is that you listen to a very short (10 seconds or so) ad related to the service itself or the business you may be inquiring about.

I have used this a couple of times and it is great. The computer uses voice recognition to interpret your response to questions about the listing (unfortunately for me, every time I try I end up speaking to a live operator, must be the ever so slight southern drawl), plays a short ad, and then gives you the number and connects you.

Their website is located here:

This is an awesome number to remember for you cell phone users that don’t have a data plan that lets you Google for numbers from you phone.

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