Hurricane Dennis

Tomorrow (Friday July 8, 2005) I’m heading back to Mobile. Been out here in San Francisco for almost 2 weeks (JavaOne 2005 and then a week of vacation with the GF). And it looks like I’ll have a warm welcome when I get back from Hurricane Dennis.

Funny thing about the big city, as Casey and I were printing out our boarding passes in the 1st floor internet area of the Commodore Hotel, we ran into a couple from Pensacola, FL that were looking at the hurricane’s projected path. Hopefully it will work out well for both of us. We were both hoping it would sweep East and hit Tallahassee, FL instead of Pensacola or Mobile. We’ll see how it goes.

I promise I have a ton to write about JavaOne. I filled up a legal pad and had to start writing on the backs of the pages, so once I get home I’ll break it down by the day. Sorry for the delay, but it has just been too busy a 2 weeks. The short version is ….. Spring, Hibernate, Groovy, ActiveMQ, JBI, ServiceMix, Sybase… will expand later.

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