Weekend Road Trip

Today I’m heading up to Birmingham, AL to hang out with my friend Rob in his last weekend as a resident of the great state of Alabama. He has accepted a job with Intel and will be trekking out to Sacramento, CA. That will actually work out well for me, since I’ll be out in San Francisco, CA (a bit south and west on the picture) for 2 weeks starting a week from this Saturday. So I’ll get to check out his new stomping grounds.

Saturday some friends from here in Mobile will be driving up to Birmingham so we can all attend City Stages and rock out to the one and only Def Leppard. We saw them a year or two ago when they came to Pensacola, FL. Awful show. It was like they really didn’t want to be there but had to pay the bills. Probably be more of the same Saturday (since they have gone from playing civic centers to outdoor festivals), but in their day they made some great 80’s rock so I can hope they put on a decent show (do it for all the hair bands that have come before you)

Some links for today:

Going to JavaOne? Like free T-Shirts? The Eclipse group will be giving out free t-shirts at JavaOne if you visit 6 of the Eclipse project’s supporting companies’ booths (of course Sybase is now a contributing partner).

Release 1.1 for jTDS is out. Very nice opensource JDBC driver for SQL Server and Sybase databases.

Awesome DHTML/JavaScript calendar definitely need to get this incorporated into our work websites. Found from a link in a post on Brian Bailey’s Leave it Behind blog

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