American Roulette

Just finished reading a fascinating book called Richard’s online weblog. Here he details various stories and thoughts on the gaming industry. What I read sounded fascinating so I had to pick up his book.

To buy the book I used’s used book purchasing capability. It has worked great in the past for CD’s so why wouldn’t it work well for books…..

Well it worked great. I found the book cheap, it arrived in under a week and was in great condition…all the way down to the Baltimore Public Library sticker on the front of it. Surely this was purchased from the library and not just stolen, but who knows.

I was held hostage for 3 days while reading this book because it was so enthralling. I would highly recommend it. Of course if you are in Baltimore, you probably will not be able to find it at the local public library. Now that I have just finished it I can go back to the main task at hand. Finishing preparing for the Sun Certified Programmer Java 5 beta exam. I have less than 2 weeks left, so let the cramming commence.

It was nice to break away from reading the techie stuff for a bit since I rarely read anything that isn’t technical or financially related.

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