Brave New World

Well as I mentioned in earlier postings some great new things are happening soon for me. April 29 will be my last day with my current employer DailyAccess Corporation. After 2.5 years with DAC I have decided to accept a fantastic position with a company called

Filters-NOW is a local company that distributes and manufactures all manner of filters. We have Air, Vacuum, Water, HEPA,… pretty much anything that ends in the word filter we have. I will start my new position on May 2.

While I am extremely excited to begin my new job, it has been a very bittersweet experience. Working at DAC has been the most fun I have ever had at a job. The people I worked with were great. I will really miss that group. This is just going to be another test of how well I can keep in touch with my friends there (has never been one of my strong suits).

One of the exciting (and I admit a bit scary) things about the new place will be a whole new development environment. I will be saying goodbye to PowerBuilder, Java, and Oracle and saying hello to Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Always good to get familiar with other technologies, so I can’t wait.

I will keep you all informed of the goings on at the new place.

Also on a side note, with my group of co-workers at DAC we have submitted 3 proposals to Sybase’s TechWave 2005 conference. We should know by mid May if any/all have been accepted. I spoke there last year and it was an amazing time. I look forward to being able to attend again this year.

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