No Experience, No Problem

So you are like most fresh, young college graduates. You have your degree in hand, you have a head full of skills, and you are ready to solve all of the world’s problems using your ability to wrangle and line up lots of little bits….and of course you would like to be paid for it.

But, you can’t seem to find a job anywhere. Reason most often given? You don’t have any experience. Ah yes, the old chicken/egg problem.

Well you are in luck, today has a fantastic article about how you can get real world experience (and improve your skills in the process) while you are searching for that paying job.

Their article The Virtual Internship: Taking Control of Your Future by Becoming an Open Source Developer makes many good points about how you can get some street cred while you are still waiting to get hired on somewhere.

I highly recommend checking it out. And don’t just sit there, get involved in some project somewhere. Some good places to start searching for ideas are SourceForge and the CodeHaus.

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