Arlene Cometh

Well looks like it is going to be a very wet day here in Mobile today. We have Tropical Storm Arlene coming towards land, and she should make landfall this afternoon. Of course the sad thing is that 70 mph winds from a mere tropical storm just don’t get too many people excited around here.

Weather Channel Update

If you watched the projections of this storm, from the beginning it has been expected to head right up Mobile Bay. Hopefully this is not how the whole season is going to shape up.

One good thing that I can see from starting our hurricane season this way is that at least people will go ahead and grab their hurricane supplies now so they should be ready later if we get any more big storms dropping by.

My phone number has now officially ported to my new cell phone. My good friend Horst had the distinct honor of being the first phone call received on my new communications medium. Of course he was in complete shock when I told him were talking on a cell phone (since he knows how much I have resisted these things).

So begins the great experiment, I have trusted the great and mighty Scoble’s opinion and posted my cell number up on the site. We’ll see if any interesting interactions result from that level of accessibility.

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