Great Review on Mozilla Firefox

Through The Amazing Scoble I have found that Scot Finnie has done a review on Firefox that is fantastic. He points out all of the wondeful things that makes Firefox the best browser out there right now (in my humble opinion of course).

If you have not checked it out, go grab it at Once you have experienced tabbed browsing, you will never be able to go back. (Plus it is just a ~4.5 meg download so give it a go)

The Mozilla group also has an e-mail client that is quite good called Thunderbird. I said goodbye to Outlook at home and have started using it with an IMAP account at and am quite pleased so far. The things where I see it lacking currently are in the works (mainly better Calendar support is what I’ve noticed so far along with some quirks when using it to read newsgroups). But a very good client nonetheless.

Also if anyone has some recommendations for a newsgroup reader let me know. I use Outlook Express and haven’t found anything else that fits the bill as well as that. You can usually find me lurking over at in the PowerBuilder and EAServer groups.

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